Money is fine: but what is that Many?

When I decided to have my own blog and write about money  I started to scout for a suitable domain name connecting money. I could not get a satisfactory  .com domain.So I decided to have a slightly lengthy domain name and also I wanted to add something to money such as Life, Relations etc because here I wanted to share some of the vital lessons that life has taught me through various people, places, and other happenings.,. Then I made it Though mostly I will be talking about money I will be also talking about some of the basic rules and discipline one has to follow for better quality in life.Elders who lived before us have left enough wisdom for us to pick up and lead a happy life.

But with life changing dramatically over a period of time and today all of us running very fast without really being aware as to where and why we are running I thought it is my duty to just place before the learned audience the small but meaningful adjustments we need to make things better once again.Your valuable feedback and suggestions are most welcome on this journey of mine and the baby steps I have already taken.







you are born…the story begins…

The whole house is festive. Ram and Vidya are very happy.So are the elders.People come and go.
Sweet aroma of sweets,jalebis…flowers..a very pleasant atmosphere indeed.You are in the cradle.
In a few minutes they are going to give you a beautiful name by which you will be called thereafter for ever.
You are smiling ,laughing,waving your hands, kicking your legs and each of your movements makes the people around
you very happy.

The pandit arrives.Every one settles down. .Panditji performs poojas ,sprinkles the pooja water on you.After some
more small rituals he asks your parents to tell you your name slowly in your ears.And now the happiest parents
bend towards you and they chant AISHWARYA….Yes the family has decided you to name as Aishwarya..which means
wealth,money,happiness..the elders want you to be blessed with all good things,money,gold,happiness and what not..
You are Aishwarya henceforth..The guests come one by one with the gifts packed nicely give it to your parents..
Your uncle places a golden anklet…Close family friend gives you a silverware..some others thrust five hundred and hundred rupee notes in your hold them for some time not realizing a what it is…can”t blame you..
You don’t realize that it is money and it can do many things for you. Ironically it is not only you,but your parents,me,my friends and the majority here do not realize what is money and grow up as such and become miserable

Dear Aishu,you should not be like them..You should become a money magnet as you grow up.

I will be with you all along,hand hold you and let us together enjoy money matters.


money…the right approach

During my childhood days merchants will come home to buy our agricultural
products such as paddy,groundnut etc as and when the harvest is done.Out of the harvest
elders in the family will decide about the quantity to be set aside for our consumption and the
rest will be earmarked for sale.

Once the merchants come bargain will start and the person offering a better rate will
finally take the produce.Our father will get the payment those days may be a couple of thousands
but all in small denomination notes so that it looked a huge payments.I being a young kid will always want to
count at least a part of it.But the elders would have nothing of it.It was a strict NO No for children to
even touch them.Family ladies will tell many stories about money mostly negative so as to divert our
attention away from money. I Know it was the case in most of the families here during those days and even today
elders don”t encourage children to understand money and its functions.

How do you then expect them to deal with financial habits like savings, investment, financial assets etc
as they grow older.It is therefore in our own interest that youngsters should be encouraged to know
about money and its attributes as early as possible.


money matters should start much early


Recently i talked to some friends of my daughter who frequently come here to meet her(college level children) regarding some elementary money matters.

1.difference between savings and investment.

2.household income.

3.household expenditures

4.How the elders meet the expenditure

5.saving habits in the family.

6.some basic banking operations.

unfortunately a majority of them either did not know what was happening  or were not aware fully.In all cases the parents have not been forthcoming to them to discuss about these issues.This is what happens in most of our households in India where parents  think they should not talk about money matters to the youngsters and it is bad for them.On the contrary the earlier the children are introduced to money and related aspects it will be better for them and the families too. There is no structured study on money in schools and children first come to have an idea of all these only around 17/18 years when they are in college.till then lots and lots of negative inputs enter them about money and cloud their thinking hampering their decision making in money matters in later life.











What Is really Black

Most of us in our younger times used to wonder what is black money,is it really black?As we grew older and older the black money also grew with us larger and larger.we pay a medicine for Rs 100 but don”t take the bill and allow the shopkeeper to generate some black money by withholding a portion of the sale proceeds from the tax authorities. We sell a part of our assets but donot fully account the sale proceeds and pay the applicable tax only on the accounted portion.Here we generate black money…the chain grows and to the extent that this process impinges on the revenue to be honestly going to the Goverment.Also we create an inequality among ourselves into haves and havenots all pointers of future disasters waiting to happen.Let us resolve to keep the color of the money in white only..let the Government print the notes in any color.



hold back:

Hold back for a minute.Before talking something harsh in anger hold yourself back for a minute.Before buying something impulsively hold yourself back for a minute.Before eating that spicy but junk food hold yourself back for a minute.

Ask : use that minute to ask yourself: Should I respond to this in anger now?..Should I buy this now? Should I eat this now…this one minute of hold back and pause will do you a world of good :Will save you lot of avoidable headaches in future.Because whatever you do without a second thought and without a minute of quick evaluation is disastrous.






Do You really want more?

Every one wants more of what we have.More of money..,a bigger Car, a much bigger house.We buy our dream car today,the color,the make,the brand all of which we have been waiting to get is ours today with part of our money and part from our banker.

The neighbour,our friend or somebody else buys yet another new car reportedly better,smoother to drive,more kilometre per unit of fuel,all of which makes us nervous craving to see that new car,drive it…gone is our happiness which we enjoyed two days before.

Do we have enough money to buy this new one,or do we have to borrow? we start planning for that and ignore the existing car and our happiness along with it. Now is the big question.




Both the question and answer are with us.And thereby the key to our happiness…Am i right…let us see .