During the last one year I have shared some of my thoughts about money,savings,and investments.Though I have to honestly admit that I have all along been dwelling in the basics like the inputs we receive about money,our ideas about money, accounting,children and money etc..I didnot want to go to the next level without sufficiently dealing with these basics because any attempt to build a tall building without the necessary base is always  risky.Today we see every one wants to get rich quick not bothered about the ethics,honesty and integrity.May be many of them grow very fast but if you keep watching at least some of them you will notice that all of them invariably fall from grace someday and that too fall very badly.On the other hand those who stick to the values our elders have taught us are always safe and steady and enjoy their peaceful nights.I will be happy if as readers of this blog you follow the path of truth,honesty and integrity in every aspect of your life which will bring your children also to the same path and as it continues to grow will lead to a honest India.

That said we will start from individual savings,domestic saving and its effects on the society in the next post.