Children are watching you.

We have come to the year end. A look back at what all we wanted to do in 2017 and how far we succeeded in that is imperative at this juncture.What ever important things remain to be done should be on top of The TO DO list for 2018. When we plan our progress it should be realistic and doable.If the planning process is gone through just for the sake of it then we may end up with a much bigger list at the end of 2018 also.If we have planned any bigger projects it is better to break the same into smaller tasks and involve other family members too in progressing towards the goal.

Repay all long pending dues,loans,credit cards etc. When bank loans are due and the bank representative calls on you don’t quote big defaulters…do your your debt.

your children are watching you.More than repaying the debt your actions will shape the future behavior of your child.

Keep things in order and in your control.Observe your income and expenses flow..Never ever place yourself to be a borrower..That is the most cruel injury you are inflicting on you and your family.Try to live within your means.

A very happy new year to all.