Earn while young

Whatever be the academic performance of our children it will be good if we encourage them to learn some income earning hobbies.With so much of technology and social media development today it is much easier to earn a decent amount for the teenagers and housewives.To begin with they can make imitation jewelry from materials other than gold.To day the youngsters and fashion conscious ladies prefer to wear non gold jewels as they are safer too. insurance agency is another cost free avenue suitable for housewives to look for additional income as also keep them  engaged during spare time. Philately,numismatics are very interesting hobbies which wii widen the horizon and knowledge about various countries,cultures etc at the same time a rare collection may fetch substantial profit also if sold.Technically capable persons with basic computer knowledge can start blogs,websites,uploading videos in you tube etc which will generate amazing income in the long run.Those who have the aptitude and willingness can try learning about mutual funds,stock markets etc and start investments with small amounts.Instead of traveling in the same beaten path why not try something new which will benefit us as also the family.