children and money

Whenever the parents go to the shop to purchase monthly provisions or to a retail textile show room ,to hotels for occasional eating out etc it is good to take the child also into the process of purchase.Encourage the child to total the bills before or immediately before leaving the shop.If any short totaling is found pay the difference amount to the shop owner through the child.This will instill honesty in the child at a very young age.Also if any excess amount is billed and the child finds it out encourage the child to point out the mistake and collect back the excess so charged.Once in home check if all the items as per bill are packed in to your box.Take the help of the child to arrange the items as per the bill and also telling the child about the price of atleast bigger items so that the child is aware of the value of money and your toil for the family.Educate the child to compare prices of the things he/she wants and let the child volunteer to go for an item which the family can afford.If the child still insists to go for a really costlier one make it clear that you are buying it as a onetime concession and the child may not get the same ever time..The children are as worthy as your money and handle both accordingly for a happy money life to you and later to your child.







All of us who use the internet and read blogs browse website etc..have the basic idea of what a bank is though some of us may be students,children and some housewives may not be that familiar with the banking operations.But it can be safely assumed that majority of the households in semi urba,urban and metro cities will surely have at least one bank account and may be other accounts like housing loan,car loan,credit cards etc…Each visit to a bank branch presents with many opportunities to enrich our knowledge, human relations and customer feedbacks etc..Each family should make use of these bank accounts to get maximum benefit out of it. Many a times we see heated arguments between the bank staff and customers which leaves a bad taste.Both sides should understand that they are dealing with two of the most valuable assets on earth…MAN and his MONEY(or women and her money if you like). Many of the customers do engage the services of the less educated,financially weaker people for help in their daily household of business work..may be a domestic help ,a gardener or a driver…

Those of us who employ such people should also introduce them to basic banking by helping them to open a bank account explaining them the benefits of having a bank account.This is not only a help to the individual but an indirect service to that Nation too.