Last week we saw the need for the housewife and children taking the initiative and sit with the other parent to discuss family finance.There is another very important fact which the wife mostly ignores in the name of non interference..I.e the habits of the husband which are capable of burning a hole in the pocket and in the heart as well.Yes I mean the habits of smoking and drinking. In many families the women  do not attach much importance to these two vital habits and on the other hand taken it as a  given thing for a male.Some others escape by blaming it on the family habits and  through the easy escape route. ..that the man will never listen..All these are only half truths and escapism.

No doubt the spouse should respect the individual freedom  and  should never go for micro management.But there can be no excuse in matters affecting the common interest and peace of the family.More than mutual respect the husband and wife should respect their marriage which has lot of love,respect,happiness etc attached to it.

The health hazard that these habits will pose over a period of time is immense and quite destabilizing.Also nobody can save the affected person at a later stage.

Financially too the loss is very significant.A packet of 20 cigarettes costs anywhere between Rs 110 to 130 and if a person smokes 10 packets in a month and resorts to alcohol even twice a month the family will surely suffer a minimum loss of Rs2500 in a month which cumulatively over a period could be devastating..

Families big or small …income is more or less…the first priority is to seal the holes in the pot failing which no water will in  and we will have only an empty pot soon.






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