As I mentioned in a couple of my earlier posts the topic of money and investments is very special in that it is the most important aspect in one’s life but given the least attention.Earn of course we do.but earn in a honest way,know the rules,be aware of the options and above all be satisfied at some point in time that we have travelled a straight path and there is nothing to hide in our life.There are lot of high end courses,advisors,books,online materials etc most of which  no doubt are good and useful but available only to the upper band in the society due to the high cost involved. I honestly believe there is a huge captive group available to know and benefit  from all those avenues but unable to do so due to various reasons.For example the teenage students in schools …they are continuously bombarded with inputs about the studies…marks..placements and ofourse a overseas job.i If we take some time out and observe some such youngsters who as a result of all those conditioned inputs  and despite handsome salaries are yet to understand the knotty..gritty of money life.so also an average housewife who mostly does not take any active part in the financial decisions in the family.Both these segments deserve a very urgent and holistic administration of honest inputs about money and how we earn it.

I dedicate all my blog posts in www.moneyandmany to all such people with a sincere appeal: start talking about money,,, start thinking about money.. it is not a SIN to do so for money is like water with no color or tastes.It does what the owner intends to do with it…