Normally when we are in a bank we find some people coming in and ensuring with the people in the front desks about deposit schemes. More sophisticated customers enter the branch managers’ cabin and discuss with him about the savings options. It is also common practice that those of us who want to deposit some surplus cash go to different banks and find out the rate of interest offered by them. This is our first idea about savings.In India banks are the first and safest priority for the common an to keep their hard earned money.The public sector banks are more preferred by the middle and lower middle class customers ¬†though the banks in private sector also are equally good.But the first question put up by the customer is : Is this bank a Govt.owned bank or otherwise.This tendency prevails even today though to a lesser extent. This is mainly because of two reasons. The man on the street believes anything connected with Government is secured enough.. be it savings or employment or investment. The second and more important is the lack of awareness about the alternative avenues available to save or invest.At the most the next popular investment options that will crop up is either Gold or real estate.

let us therefore move ahead starting from the most common and popular options to the other available options one at a time.