Some time back I wrote about accounting and its importance. Accounting in simple terms means observing.When you write down accounts for your family finance you become aware and start observing what happens to the money you earn. This accounting or observation can and should be applied not only to your money matters but also to your thoughts, words, and deeds as well. When we sit down and decide what is our goal in life it is also our duty to regulate our thoughts to achieving that goal.We normally get so many thoughts in a day and without our knowing we are dragged into those thoughts.All unwanted thoughts which are not in sync with our goal should be nipped in the bud and should not be nurtured.So also the words we speak and the actions we perform.The unified focus of our thoughts ,words,  and action only can take us further towards our reaching the goal. So I reiterate that we should not only exercise control over our finances but also on our thoughts and actions to be truly successful in our financial life.