When we talk about earning money the growing tendency is to earn as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Thos of us who embark on such greedy ventures invariably fail miserably and end up on the losing side. The  reasons are not far to seek. When we plan sincerely as we have discussed early on and decide how much money we need and when we need then our journey towards the goal is steady and safe.Even if we fail here and there we reach the goal with determination and smart work. But when we tend to deviate and want to become rich in a very impracticable time span then we tend to look out for advice from the so called self- proclaimed experts. We should always remember that what others dish out is their story of success or failure under may be a different set of conditions.In our anxiety to run a faster race, we follow these paid advise very religiously and incur huge losses. Financial decisions should be based on our conditions, capacities and needbased.