So far I have been writing about some of the important aspects about how we treat money, low awareness , confused thinking, not taking our children into the circle etc.. These factors though may look trivial assume a very large proportion and distort the money life at a later stage and as such all of us should first introspect whether we are affected any one or all of the above syndromes. If yes try to eliminate them as early as possible.

Now the next stage is stock taking. Even this applies to most of us.Before we wish to earn more money, grow rich and comfortable it is very important to take stock of what we already have, how far we have made use of the existing assets if some of them or lying idle as white elephants what are we going to do with them etc. Equally important is the excercise wherein we try to find out as to how our present income is spent.If we have been earning a salary for the last three years whether we were able to save something out of it?. This excercise will highlight our strong and weak areas in the financial management of our family and will enable us to initiate the necessary corrective measures.