quantify your money goals

Recently I attended a workshop on digital marketing where during the interactions the faculty put up a question to all of us. How much money do you want to make you comfortable and by when do you want it? Many of us were fumbling some amount and about the timeframe, we were totally uncertain. Now, this is the most basic question one has to ask himself if he/she is sincere in money making. All of us want money without exception.But how much?. If you have a neighbor who has a very big flat, a high-end car, lot of imported furniture etc your immediate desire will naturally be to go a step above him.You got there and by then you meet somebody who is still above you.Again you dream to go above him. This process is never ending and will cloud your thinking about your plans, goals and why not about money itself. You have a family and you know your requirements based on where each member of your family wants to lead.For example, You are young have two kids and yet to own a house. You can simply plan for the education expenses of the children and, alongside for a house.Set a time frame based on your income by when you will have the flat.Around this basic thread, you can weave your first set of financial goals like monthly savings, expenditures, investments and if necessary a housing loan.This way your thought process is clear, goals are clear and you can proceed in a systematic way toward your planned goals.