Money is fine: but what is that Many?

When I decided to have my own blog and write about money  I started to scout for a suitable domain name connecting money. I could not get a satisfactory  .com domain.So I decided to have a slightly lengthy domain name and also I wanted to add something to money such as Life, Relations etc because here I wanted to share some of the vital lessons that life has taught me through various people, places, and other happenings.,. Then I made it Though mostly I will be talking about money I will be also talking about some of the basic rules and discipline one has to follow for better quality in life.Elders who lived before us have left enough wisdom for us to pick up and lead a happy life.

But with life changing dramatically over a period of time and today all of us running very fast without really being aware as to where and why we are running I thought it is my duty to just place before the learned audience the small but meaningful adjustments we need to make things better once again.Your valuable feedback and suggestions are most welcome on this journey of mine and the baby steps I have already taken.