you are born…the story begins…

The whole house is festive. Ram and Vidya are very happy.So are the elders.People come and go.
Sweet aroma of sweets,jalebis…flowers..a very pleasant atmosphere indeed.You are in the cradle.
In a few minutes they are going to give you a beautiful name by which you will be called thereafter for ever.
You are smiling ,laughing,waving your hands, kicking your legs and each of your movements makes the people around
you very happy.

The pandit arrives.Every one settles down. .Panditji performs poojas ,sprinkles the pooja water on you.After some
more small rituals he asks your parents to tell you your name slowly in your ears.And now the happiest parents
bend towards you and they chant AISHWARYA….Yes the family has decided you to name as Aishwarya..which means
wealth,money,happiness..the elders want you to be blessed with all good things,money,gold,happiness and what not..
You are Aishwarya henceforth..The guests come one by one with the gifts packed nicely give it to your parents..
Your uncle places a golden anklet…Close family friend gives you a silverware..some others thrust five hundred and hundred rupee notes in your hold them for some time not realizing a what it is…can”t blame you..
You don’t realize that it is money and it can do many things for you. Ironically it is not only you,but your parents,me,my friends and the majority here do not realize what is money and grow up as such and become miserable

Dear Aishu,you should not be like them..You should become a money magnet as you grow up.

I will be with you all along,hand hold you and let us together enjoy money matters.