money…the right approach

During my childhood days merchants will come home to buy our agricultural
products such as paddy,groundnut etc as and when the harvest is done.Out of the harvest
elders in the family will decide about the quantity to be set aside for our consumption and the
rest will be earmarked for sale.

Once the merchants come bargain will start and the person offering a better rate will
finally take the produce.Our father will get the payment those days may be a couple of thousands
but all in small denomination notes so that it looked a huge payments.I being a young kid will always want to
count at least a part of it.But the elders would have nothing of it.It was a strict NO No for children to
even touch them.Family ladies will tell many stories about money mostly negative so as to divert our
attention away from money. I Know it was the case in most of the families here during those days and even today
elders don”t encourage children to understand money and its functions.

How do you then expect them to deal with financial habits like savings, investment, financial assets etc
as they grow older.It is therefore in our own interest that youngsters should be encouraged to know
about money and its attributes as early as possible.


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  1. Let money be your servent and you be master. How much you need is very tricky.It may change from person to person and even the same person may change decisions.

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